Smalltalk Jobs – 2/19/18

Inria opended a call for experienced researchers. This is a three year contract, with in total 8 research positions.


– Have a French doctorate or an equivalent international degree
– Be able to prove at least eight years of research and/or post-doctoral academic or industrial experience;
– No age or nationality conditions.
– Deadline: April 3rd, 2018

Before writing their research program, the applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the teams
or project(s)-teams leaders concerned by their applications. More information on the official website:


Join one of our two lines of research: Tools for Software Maintenance or New Programming
Language Constructs for Software Evolution.


Lille is strategically located in Northern Europe with train connections to Paris (1h), London (1h30)
and Brussels (30 min.) The Nord Pas de Calais region is a dynamic area in both industry and research
for computer science with companies that are european leaders in their branch. Lille, the capital of
northern France is an attractive metropolis of over 1 million inhabitants. Cost of living in Lille is lower
than that of very big cities such as Paris and London.


RMoD is an Inria research project team. It consists of 5 permant researchers (Inria CR and DR, as
well as University Assistant Professors) and Engineers, postdocs and students (Master and PhD).
RMoD is an international team with more than 20 members from six countries.


INRIA Lille:
INRIA in General:

Please contact the head of the research team: Stephane Ducasse or one
of the following group members: Nicolas Anquetil, Marcus Denker