Smalltalk Jobs – 01/07/2022

Happy New Year!

Two Smalltalk Jobs in Frankfurt Germany. Of course you need the ability to work in the EU plus speaking, reading, and writing German will be important.

Als Full-Stack-Entwickler mit Volldampf den Fahrplan von morgen gestalten (w/m/d) – working with the timetable.

Junior Softwareentwickler (w/m/d) – Sprintstarter Programm – This is for a 3 month training program.

Good luck!

Smalltalk Jobs – 10/9/21

Deutsche Bahn has two job postings. The first is to work on the timetable system. The second is a full stack developer including Angular and React front ends. You of course need the right to work in Germany and the jobs are in German so good German knowledge is important. Check the job postings for further requirements.

Finally iq digital media is also looking for a full stack developer. Again you need the right to work in Germany and the posting asks for C1 level of German.

Good luck!

Smalltalk Jobs – 05/12/21

Yesplan in Belgium is looking for some folks. The job announcement is:

Do you like working with Smalltalk (Pharo, GemStone/S, Seaside, …) and you are also not afraid of spending time in other technologies like JavaScript (ReactJs), Java and devops aspects of running Smalltalk environments in production?Then read on…

At Yesplan (, we are looking for a motivated and inspiring new colleague to join our ambitious software engineering team.

Yesplan is an intuitive venue management web application. We are the leading software system for small and large theaters, concert halls and event venues in the Benelux and currently expanding in Europe and beyond. We strive for our users to enjoy using Yesplan, through intuitive and attractive design. Yesplan is continuously evolving software; we integrate with key apps and have an open API.

As a software engineer at Yesplan, you work with the entire team on our entire technology stack: from the database and the backend to the front-end and integrations with other products. In addition to the technical implementation, you also participate in the analysis and design of product extensions and improvements. You also contribute to all devops processes, technical support and operational standby.

We strive to deliver high quality through agile software development. If you’ve already done pair programming, code reviews, and daily stand-ups, and are committed to a devops culture with shared responsibilities, you’ll probably fit right in.

We’re looking for a team player who isn’t afraid to express their opinion. It’s through the continuous exchange of ideas and the occasional constructive discussion that we reach the best decisions for our product, our customers, and our team.

Check out the full vacancy at

Smalltalk Jobs – 4/27/21

4 Jobs at Deutche Bahn in Frankfurt. For all of them you will need to be fluent in German as well as have the right to live and work in Germany.

  • Senior Software Enginner – This will be working with the digitalization of time tables. Looks interesting, go read the ad.
  • Developer job – This is similiar to the previous job, probably slightly more junior.
  • Front end developer – In this case they also want front end development with Java and Angular.
  • Software Architect – This is also at DB but through a contracting company. It claims remote in the title but that does not seem to be true in the description.

Good luck!

Smalltalk Jobs 3/7/20

Like trains?  Speak German and can work in Germany?  We have jobs with DB or one of their subsidiaries:

  1. In Frankfurt – Informatiker als Junior Entwickler für die Fahrplan IT in Frankfurt am Main gesucht.
  2. Similar job, but more senior, again in Frankfurt – Senior Software Entwickler für den Fahrplan der Zukunft
  3. In Frankfurt as well, but more web oriented – Software Entwickler Java Smalltalk Angular
  4. Again in Frankfurt, but more DevOps oriented – Full-Stack-Entwickler Java
  5. This looks the the Junior DevOps version – Junior Softwareentwickler Java

And if you don’t like trains but do like insurance then in Cologne we have a job at adesso insurance solutions.  Again good knowledge of German and can work in Germany.

Good Luck!

Smalltalk Jobs – 11/29/19

Two new jobs at DB (Deutsche Bahn, the German Train Operator) in Frankfurt.  One of them is for a junior position and the second is for a more Senior one.  Both require that your work in Germany in Frankfurt, and, both require excellent German and English.

Do note that you most likely need the ability to work in the EU for these jobs.  There is no mention of helping you get a work permit.

Smalltalk Jobs – 5/18/19

If you have at least 3 years of VisualWorks experience and can speak and write German, plus would love to live in the beautiful city of Cologne then this could be an excellent job.

I’m going to guess that you need to be able to work in Germany as well.

Smalltalk Jobs – 3/25/19

Like trains?  Like NP hard problems?  Then Deutsche Bahn might have the job for you.  You need to be able to work in Frankfurt am Main and also need to be fluent in German and English.

Or maybe smaller German Cities are more interesting in which case Bison has a job for you in Kaiserslautern. You again need to be legal to work in Germany and fluent in German.

Smalltalk Jobs – 1/27/19

Two jobs.

The first is in Le Mans France with CGI, a contracting company.  You need to be able to work in French, and, work in France.  They are looking for a medium level of experience of 5 years.

The second is in either Munich or Karlsruhe as a project manager in the energy sector with Kisters.  Like the job in France you need to be able to work in German, and, work in Germany.    They are also very interested that you know the energy business.