Smalltalk Jobs – 10/27/17

The Pharo project needs an engineer for 1 year.  Contact Stéphane Ducasse for more info:

Engineer Position 1 year

INRIA RMoD are looking for a full-time engineer for helping with
developing Pharo in the context of IoT.The focus of this job is “Pharo
on embedded and mobile devices for the internet of things”

With Pharo, we have developed over the last two years an interactive,
remote development environment. It allows embedded, headless software
running on typical raspberry pi class hardware to be developed and
debugged in an interactive way. It allows programmers to explore and
change running headless embedded programs from their desktop
development machine.

The next step will be to extend this infrastructure to cover the use
case of industrial use: Deployment. We want to build a middle-ware to
manage, authenticate and script deployed Pharo embedded installations.

The engineer will help to develop the Pharo IoT infrastructure,
especially with a focus on industrial use:

·I mprove Pharo for a platform with an industrial focus.
· Work on a middleware to manage deployed Pharo instances.
·Realize two small demos: First, as an industrial IoT example, a demo
deployed on 20+ devices. Demo 2: Pharo deployed on multiple mobile
autonomous robots.
·Help with creating a website for PharoIOT.

We are looking for a candidate with some prior experience with Pharo.
In addition:

· Knowledge in Dynamic Languages (Pharo is a plus but not required)
·Experience with embedded development is a plus but not required

Work in a research lab, but no paper writing, no teaching, no
administration. In addition:

Centrally located (one hour from Paris, 1h20 from London, 35 min from Brussels)
Try a lot of good beer (our office is just 10km from the border to Belgium)
Program with Pharo all day!
Lille is an active city but not expensive (lot of students…),
centrally located with good connections by train to everywhere
(including CDG and Brussels airports).

Duration: 12 + 12 months
Starting date: Feb or March 2016
Salary: 2600-3200 euros brut (french brutto = potentially one month of
taxe per year) / month, depending on experience – (56000 Euros paid by
the employer before any taxes).
Location: Lille (no remote job possible)

Smalltalk Jobs – 09/26/17

Two jobs in Europe:

  1. In Le Mans France, CGI is looking for an OO developer, ideally Smalltalk.   CGI is a French IT services company and works in lots of different domains.  One clearly needs to be able to work in France, and, most likely in French as well.
  2. The second is in Kaiserslautern Germany with Bison.  Bison is a Swiss and German IT services company similar in many ways to CGI above.

Good Luck!

Smalltalk Jobs – 5/16/17

Three jobs in Germany, all of them with pension management firms.

The first two are in Cologne.

The first is with PSVaG they are looking for Smalltalk with complex analysis, and, good team work.

The second is with collogia AG and they want Basis and Visual Works Smalltalk.

The last job is in Berlin and it is with Verka VK which is the largest pension company in Germany.

Good luck with your job hunt!


Smalltalk Jobs – 5/12/17

Yesplan is looking for a new colleague to join the software engineering team.
The position is required to be full-time and on-site in Gent, Belgium.
Do you fancy working with Pharo and GemStone/S but also with Javascript / ReactJS and other technologies to build intuitive event venue management software?
Read our vacancy in the link below and let me know!

Smalltalk Jobs – 5/1/17

Happy May 1st!  In celebration we have 3 jobs in Germany.

  1. ETAS, a subsidiary of Bosch is looking for someone who can work in the automotive field with Smalltalk.  You will need to speak and write both German and English and the position is in Stuttgart.
  2. In Frankfurt ConSol is looking for a Smalltalker for one of their clients.  Again German is required.  This is a contract position with an initial 12 month contract.
  3. Finally somebody is looking for someone to work somewhere in Germany with knowledge of Financial Markets.  There are not many details though one could guess that it’s connected with JP Morgan’s Kapital team.

Good luck!

Smalltalk Jobs – 4/11/17

4 jobs in Europe:

  1. Villach Austria – Lam Research.  They supply wafer fab equipment to the semiconductor industry.  They would prefer Visual Works.
  2. Brest, France – Thales Defense.  They are looking for someone to work in their center for Radar and Electronic Warfare and other defense systems.
  3. Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium (near Brussels) – MediaGeniX supplies software for radio and TV channels.  They have both a junior and senior position available.  They are interested in Dutch and English, and, mention often the idea that you write clean code.

Smalltalk Jobs 3/28/17

Two, count them, two jobs in Germany.

The first is somewhere in Germany.  They want 3-12 years of experience and needs data modeling.  This is finance related.

The second is close to Munich and the email is as follows:

Actually now we are still looking for more Smalltalker again.

Therefore today I turn to You and want to ask, it You know anybody, who has at least 2-3 Y. ST-experience (no matter which system) and wants to work for longer time in Germany, beginning in next 4-10 weeks.

I thank You for Your help in advance and look forward to interesting news from You.

Have a nice week!

Viele Grüße 

Best Regards


Richard v. Lavante

Tomcat® GmbH IT·Consulting·Management

Tomcat® GmbH

Flughafen Oberpfaffenhofen

Friedrichshafener Str. 1

82205 Gilching

Tel. +49-(0)8105-771801-0

Fax. +49-(0)89-849544

Mobil: +49-(0)172-9778982

Mail: richard.v-lavante at the domain of  You could also contact christian.mann at the same place. 

Geschäftsführer: Dipl.-Ing.(univ.) Richard von Lavante

Firmensitz: D-82205 Gilching

Register: München HRB 85435

Tomcat® ist eingetragenes Warenzeichen der Tomcat® GmbH

Smalltalk Jobs – 9/21/16

Job in Lille France at Synectique.

Synectique provides comprehensive and sophisticated analysis tools to
improve the quality of software, reduce maintenance costs, and thus enable
easier software evolution.

The company was created in 2013 and already got some renowned customers.
To sustain our growth we are looking for a full-time Smalltalk (Pharo)
developer with some additional non Smalltalk skills.
2+ years OO programming experience or equivalent, with strong skills in OO
design, front-end JavaScript and back-end Seaside/Pharo.

The ideal candidate should be comfortable with meta-model approaches,
client-side web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), be familiar with
code parsing and master different languages (Java, C++, C#, ADA,

The job is based in Lille, which is centrally located with good
connections by train to everywhere (one hour from Paris, 1h20 from
London, 35 min from Brussels).

Duration: Permanent (CDI)
Starting date: September 2016
Salary: depending on skill set/experience
Ready to travel if needed.

Additional Skills:
Object-oriented design/programming
Agile Methodologies
Fluent in French and/or English
Please send your applications to

Smalltalk Jobs – 9/18/16

Three different jobs!  The first 2 are in Germany, one in Bonn and one in Berlin.

In Bonn they want a 10 week contract for PCV Server and Visual Age Smalltalk.  They would like you to start tomorrow, the 19th, of Sept. You need to be fluent in German.

In Berlin there are 4 positions and they want 5 years of Smalltalk and at least German reading ability. It looks to be a long term contract of at least 2 years, and, might be permanent.

Finally in Amsterdam there is a position for Smalltalk in Banking.    You must speak Dutch and you will lead a team.


Smalltalk Jobs – 8/28/16

Smalltalk and the Western French Coast?  What more could one ask.

Experis IT has a consultant opening for a Pacbase consultant in Niort France.  Niort is 30kms or so from the Western French coast, and, is the French capital of mutual assurance and banks.

At a minimum, after knowing Pacbase, you will have to be comfortable working in French and in French companies and know the French Insurance market.