Smalltalk Jobs 3/7/20

Like trains?  Speak German and can work in Germany?  We have jobs with DB or one of their subsidiaries:

  1. In Frankfurt – Informatiker als Junior Entwickler für die Fahrplan IT in Frankfurt am Main gesucht.
  2. Similar job, but more senior, again in Frankfurt – Senior Software Entwickler für den Fahrplan der Zukunft
  3. In Frankfurt as well, but more web oriented – Software Entwickler Java Smalltalk Angular
  4. Again in Frankfurt, but more DevOps oriented – Full-Stack-Entwickler Java
  5. This looks the the Junior DevOps version – Junior Softwareentwickler Java

And if you don’t like trains but do like insurance then in Cologne we have a job at adesso insurance solutions.  Again good knowledge of German and can work in Germany.

Good Luck!

Smalltalk Jobs – 11/29/19

Two new jobs at DB (Deutsche Bahn, the German Train Operator) in Frankfurt.  One of them is for a junior position and the second is for a more Senior one.  Both require that your work in Germany in Frankfurt, and, both require excellent German and English.

Do note that you most likely need the ability to work in the EU for these jobs.  There is no mention of helping you get a work permit.

Smalltalk Jobs – 5/18/19

If you have at least 3 years of VisualWorks experience and can speak and write German, plus would love to live in the beautiful city of Cologne then this could be an excellent job.

I’m going to guess that you need to be able to work in Germany as well.

Smalltalk Jobs – 3/25/19

Like trains?  Like NP hard problems?  Then Deutsche Bahn might have the job for you.  You need to be able to work in Frankfurt am Main and also need to be fluent in German and English.

Or maybe smaller German Cities are more interesting in which case Bison has a job for you in Kaiserslautern. You again need to be legal to work in Germany and fluent in German.

Smalltalk Jobs – 1/27/19

Two jobs.

The first is in Le Mans France with CGI, a contracting company.  You need to be able to work in French, and, work in France.  They are looking for a medium level of experience of 5 years.

The second is in either Munich or Karlsruhe as a project manager in the energy sector with Kisters.  Like the job in France you need to be able to work in German, and, work in Germany.    They are also very interested that you know the energy business.

Smalltalk Jobs -10/25/18

Very cool job at Thales in Brest France working with 3D, VR and Pharo.  Do note that Thales has joined the Pharo Consortium so they seem into Smalltalk.

NB:  This is a 6 month internship (Stage in French) aimed at people finishing their BAC.  So this is probably only useful if you are a French student in France.

Smalltalk Jobs – 6/7/18

Two jobs in Germany.

Roche in Berlin is looking for Smalltalkers, ideally with ObjectStudio or VisualWorks. The announcement points out that one needs to speak and write both English and German well.

In Cologne a company is also looking for a VisualWorks programmer with a minimum of 3 years of experience.  Written and spoken German is required.

Smalltalk Jobs – 5/5/18

Telna has a job in Toronto for an experienced Smalltalker.

Telna is a global network operator that focuses on providing “out of the box” connectivity to devices, machines, users and manufacturers. We are changing the way networks operator, by focusing on scalable software-defined networks that can be deployed anywhere in the world in minutes rather than years.

We are looking for Software Engineers to join our network team to design and develop the core tools that drive our “Network as a Service” platform. Development experience in smalltalk is mandatory.

This is a unique opportunity that will give the selected candidate(s) the ability to learn about the operations of a mobile network and hands-on experience developing the software systems that form the backbone of our services.

Mandatory Skills Required:

  • 4+ years of Smalltalk Development (Pharo preferred )
  • Strong understanding of Linux and databases (MongoDB, MySQL)

Bonus Skills:

  • Telecom experience

While a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related is required, relevant experience will be taken into consideration.

Telna welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Smalltalk Development: 4 years (Required)
  • Pharo development: 4 years (Preferred)


  • Bachelor’s (Required)

Smalltalk Jobs – 2/19/18

Inria opended a call for experienced researchers. This is a three year contract, with in total 8 research positions.


– Have a French doctorate or an equivalent international degree
– Be able to prove at least eight years of research and/or post-doctoral academic or industrial experience;
– No age or nationality conditions.
– Deadline: April 3rd, 2018

Before writing their research program, the applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the teams
or project(s)-teams leaders concerned by their applications. More information on the official website:


Join one of our two lines of research: Tools for Software Maintenance or New Programming
Language Constructs for Software Evolution.


Lille is strategically located in Northern Europe with train connections to Paris (1h), London (1h30)
and Brussels (30 min.) The Nord Pas de Calais region is a dynamic area in both industry and research
for computer science with companies that are european leaders in their branch. Lille, the capital of
northern France is an attractive metropolis of over 1 million inhabitants. Cost of living in Lille is lower
than that of very big cities such as Paris and London.


RMoD is an Inria research project team. It consists of 5 permant researchers (Inria CR and DR, as
well as University Assistant Professors) and Engineers, postdocs and students (Master and PhD).
RMoD is an international team with more than 20 members from six countries.


INRIA Lille:
INRIA in General:

Please contact the head of the research team: Stephane Ducasse or one
of the following group members: Nicolas Anquetil, Marcus Denker

Smalltalk Jobs – 1/22/18

Engineer 1 year: Pharo IoT platform

Inria RMoD are looking for a full-time engineer for helping with developing Pharo in the context of IoT. The focus of this job is “Pharo on embedded and mobile devices for the internet of things”

With Pharo, we have developed over the last two years an interactive, remote development environment. It allows embedded, headless software running on typical raspberry pi class hardware to be developed and debugged in an interactive way. It allows programmers to explore and change running headless embedded programs from their desktop development machine.

The next step will be to extend this infrastructure to cover the use case of industrial use: Deployment. We want to build a middle-ware to manage, authenticate and script deployed Pharo embedded installations.

The engineer will help to develop the Pharo IoT infrastructure, especially with a focus on industrial use:

• Improve Pharo for a platform with an industrial focus.
• Work on a middleware to manage deployed Pharo instances.
• Realize two small demos: First, as an industrial IoT example, a demo deployed on 20+ devices.
Demo 2: Pharo deployed on multiple mobile autonomous robots.
• Help with creating a website for PharoIOT.

We are looking for a candidate with some prior experience with Pharo.
In addition:

• Knowledge in Dynamic Languages (Pharo is a plus but not required)
• Experience with embedded development is a plus but not required
• English

Work in a research lab, but no paper writing, no teaching, no administration. In addition:

• Centrally located (one hour from Paris, 1h20 from London, 35 min from Brussels)
• Try a lot of good beer (our office is just 10km from the border to Belgium)
• Program with Pharo all day!
• Lille is an active city but not expensive (lot of students…), centrally located with good connections by train to everywhere (including CDG and Brussels airports).
• Duration: 12 Month
• Starting date: As soon as possible (Spring 2018)
• Salary: 2600-3200 euros brut / month, depending on experience
• Explanation Salary: french brutto = money after social charges (and base health insurance) before income tax, which is max one month income payed
yearly, depending on family situation (can be 0 for a family with kids)
• Location: Lille (no remote job possible))

More about

• Pharo:
• PharoThings:
• INRIA Lille:
• INRIA in General:
• Lille:

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
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