Smalltalk Jobs 06/27/12

  • Walla Walla, WA – Senior Software Engineer at Key Technologies
    • Required Skills:
      • Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Physics, or related academic field. Foreign equivalent education acceptable.
      • 5 years experience with Smalltalk language and object-oriented software development
      • 3 years experience with Agile software development methodology
      • 2 years experience with signal processing or image-processing algorithm development
      • 2 years experience with embedded systems development, including experience with embedded inference engines (artificial intelligence)
      • Experience with software project or team management
      • 6 years progressive experience in software engineering positions (such as Software Engineer, Systems Software Engineer, Software Architect, or related software engineering positions). Experience must be post-bachelors degree.

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Financial Derivatives – Front and Middle Office – London, U.K.

This looks like JP Morgan Kapital hiring.  The work is wholly in Smalltalk (they say they will consider an otherwise experienced candidate willing to learn Smalltalk fast) on derivatives (they imply that area too could be taught on the job).  Candidate must have good mathematical and agile development skills, and (since they will be working with front and middle office) good communication skills. Ads are here and here.

posted by Niall Ross

Smalltalk Jobs 06/15/12

  • Whitehouse Station, NJ – Programmer/Analyst through Precision System Design
    • Required Skills:
      • OO Modeling using FJA’s Product Machine
      • Java or Smalltalk
      • Object oriented concepts and patterns
    • Additional listings: Precision System Design
  • Wayzata, MN – Application Developer at Cargill
    • Required Skills:
      • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
      • Experience in Application Development Organizations
      • 5 + years of experience in Smalltalk development
      • Demonstrated proficiencies in Smalltalk development
      • 2 + years experience with SQL Stored procedus
      • Good communication skills and an ability to work with others
      • Demonstrated strong technical skills
      • Demonstrated problem solving skills
      • Demonstrated business analysis skills
    • Wanted Skills:
      • Experience in working with and understanding entity-relationship diagrams
      • Knowledge of relational databases.
      • Knowledge of quality assurance practices

Updates on 10/12/12: The position in Whitehouse Station, NJ has been filled or is no longer available.

Updates on 10/12/12: The position in Wayzata, MN has been filled or is no longer available.

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Smalltalk Jobs 06/09/12

  • Atlanta, GA – Smalltalk Developer through TEK Systems
    • Required Skills:
      • VisualAge or VisualWorks Smalltalk
      • OOAD
      • SQL Server
      • Unit Testing
      • Envy
    • Wanted Skills:
      • C#
      • Healthcare or Insurance Claims background
      • Experience working with or for Instantiations
    • Additional listings: TEK SystemsPrecision System Design, Precision System Design, The Stowe GroupThe Stowe GroupVerity ProfessionalsVerity ProfessionalsVerity ProfessionalsSaxon GlobalDISYS
  • Buffalo, NY – Senior Smalltalk Websphere Devloper listed on Corp-Corp
    • Required Skills:
      • Smalltalk
      • Java
      • Websphere
      • CICS
      • Cobol
      • DB2
      • MQ
      • Endever
      • JCL
      • Creation of Test Scripts

Updates on 6/15/12, 6/16/12, 6/23/12, 8/5/12, 8/16/12: Added additional listings for the position in Atlanta, GA.

Updates on 6/16/12: Added an additional wanted skill for the position in Atlanta, GA.

Updates on 8/5/12, 8/16/12, 1/30/13: Marked out listings for the position in Atlanta, GA.

Updates on 8/16/12: The position Buffalo, NY has been filled or is no longer available.

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Twelve (12) Months Software Research Engineer Position for Service Robotics (Douai, Lille Area, France)

Context: The RoboShop Project

The RoboShop project aims at providing the foundations for using robots as media in the customer relationship management (CRM). This work should provide a hardware and software platform to build experiments about robotic usage scenario related to shopping. This platform must be complete and used in a public demonstration at the end of the project by october 2013.


The work to be carried out aims at providing a robust infrastructure (hardware and soft- ware) for robotic experiments related to services. The hardware part will mainly rely on an existing robotic platform which already integrate the most common sensors and actuators (Laser, Vision, infra-red, …). The contribution will consist in integrating some new sensors. The main effort is therefore on the software part. Technologically it will imply to work with ROS (Robot Operating System) [ros08] and Pharo [pha08] as well as some robotic tools and algorithms: simulators (Gazebo, Morse), SLAM, …

[pha08] Pharo: a clean, innovative, open-source smalltalk-inspired environment., 2008. [ros08] Ros: Robot operating system., 2008.

Expected skills

We are looking for a software developer with one or more of the following skills:

  • Robotics middleware (ROS, …)
  • Control architecture for robotic systems
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Dynamic languages
  • Agile methodologies (XP, TDD, …)

Administrative information

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Starting date: 2012 October
  • Salary: 2 887 euros / month before taxes
  • Location: Douai (Lille area), France (no remote job possible)
  • Working Language: English or French


Send a CV by mail to: Noury Bouraqadi (noury DOT bouraqadi AT mines-douai DOT fr), Luc Fabresse (luc DOTfabresse AT mines-douai DOT fr)

posted by Bruce O’Neel