Twelve (12) Months Software Research Engineer Position for Service Robotics (Douai, Lille Area, France)

Context: The RoboShop Project

The RoboShop project aims at providing the foundations for using robots as media in the customer relationship management (CRM). This work should provide a hardware and software platform to build experiments about robotic usage scenario related to shopping. This platform must be complete and used in a public demonstration at the end of the project by october 2013.


The work to be carried out aims at providing a robust infrastructure (hardware and soft- ware) for robotic experiments related to services. The hardware part will mainly rely on an existing robotic platform which already integrate the most common sensors and actuators (Laser, Vision, infra-red, …). The contribution will consist in integrating some new sensors. The main effort is therefore on the software part. Technologically it will imply to work with ROS (Robot Operating System) [ros08] and Pharo [pha08] as well as some robotic tools and algorithms: simulators (Gazebo, Morse), SLAM, …

[pha08] Pharo: a clean, innovative, open-source smalltalk-inspired environment., 2008. [ros08] Ros: Robot operating system., 2008.

Expected skills

We are looking for a software developer with one or more of the following skills:

  • Robotics middleware (ROS, …)
  • Control architecture for robotic systems
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Dynamic languages
  • Agile methodologies (XP, TDD, …)

Administrative information

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Starting date: 2012 October
  • Salary: 2 887 euros / month before taxes
  • Location: Douai (Lille area), France (no remote job possible)
  • Working Language: English or French


Send a CV by mail to: Noury Bouraqadi (noury DOT bouraqadi AT mines-douai DOT fr), Luc Fabresse (luc DOTfabresse AT mines-douai DOT fr)

posted by Bruce O’Neel

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