Infrastructure Developer, Glasgow, UK

This position, like my previous post, is at Kapital’s Glasgow site, this time working on maintaining and improving the engine infrastructure rather than on specific tasks for the end users. Kapital’s meta-data framework is implemented in VisualWorks and Gemstone. This role may also have to deal with the Unix architecture beneath, and occasionally with Java and Python. The job-ads admirably frank sentence “The candidate must be able to work independently, with minimal managerial oversight, in an environment where creativity and innovation is not facilitated and yet is expected.” could be written of many another site. ¬†At least this one facilitates creativity by letting you use Smalltalk. ūüôā

Test Engineer/Developer, Glasgow, UK

The Kapital team in Glasgow are recruiting. Kapital prices complex financial products for JPMorganChase. It is written in VisualWorks and Gemstone, and runs on Unix servers. They would welcome knowledge of Smalltalk and Unix, some banking or finance experience, and a honours degree in a STEM subject, but the essentials are OO coding and debugging experience, willingness to learn, adaptability and sufficient people skills.

Application Developer, Glasgow, U.K.

The job listing I posted on November 25th has expired but another¬†listing of what looks like the same role¬†has appeared: ¬†a Smalltalk Developer is wanted by the Kapital project’s¬†Glasgow team. ¬†Kapital¬†is a pricing engine written in VisualWorks and GemStone. ¬†It¬†has some 90 developers world-wide, organised in teams at 4 or 5 locations.

Although Smalltalk experience is preferred, a developer who has gained Object-Oriented experience in Python, C#, Java or similar will be eligible.  The role is development, but includes participation in a production support rota.

Application Developer, Glasgow, U.K.

The Kapital project seeks a developer to extend existing utilities and build new ones, and to support users (role includes being on a production support rota).  Kapital is a pricing engine, implemented in VisualWorks and GemStone.

They want candidates who are experienced in OO (in Smalltalk ideally, but they will accept experience in Java, C++, Python, etc.), have good communication skills and are self-motivated.

Application Developer, Glasgow, UK

The Kapital project (VisualWorks and GemStone) is looking for another Smalltalker in Glasgow;  details here.  A team on-site in Glasgow works with the teams in London, New York and Japan to maintain and extend the large, complex pricing engine and its infrastructure.  The candidate will also interact with the internal customers of development tasks, and occasionally participate in the production support rota.

Smalltalk Developer, Glasgow, UK

The capital project (VisualWorks and GemStone) is hiring.  They want a financial developer to work in the core projects team Рthere will also be some support duties, including being part of the production support rota.  OO experience is wanted.  Prior experience in financial applications is a plus.

Smalltalk Web Developer, Gent, Belgium

2Rivers wants a Smalltalk developer for their yesplan event-planning software.  This is a full-time position to be performed on-site;  they are not looking for a freelancer seeking a temporary contract.

The recruitment add is online at their site in Dutch and in English (ability to speak Dutch is not a requirement).  Excellent skills in both OO and Web technology are sought, plus the ability to work well in the less formal atmosphere of a small and growing company.

Apply before August 1st.

Smalltalk Music Developer, London

This sounds like a¬†dream job for anyone who loves both Smalltalk and music.¬† Dolphin Smalltalk is the dialect the app is built in, but they will consider anyone whose CV shows successful development in any Smalltalk dialect.¬† SQL competence is preferred, and they’d be pleased with any mySQL or Crystal reports experience.¬† The usual people skills are desired:¬† self-starter with initiative and good written and verbal skills.

Smalltalk Financial Developer, London, U.K.

The Kapital project (VisualWorks and GemStone) is recruiting in London, as well as in Glasgow (see my earlier link Рthey may still be recruiting in Glasgow).  The role is to develop new functions, extending existing features, providing support to the Kapital users in London in front office (Trading, Structuring, Sales) and middle office (Trade Support, Finance), and also to support several groups whose applications consume data from Kapital.  The role is also in a production support rota to cover key business processes.

Smalltalk Financial Developer, Glasgow, U.K.

This link may be another reference to the job I posted on May 6, or it could be a second position in the same team.

JPM’s Kapital project seek a financial developer to support the rates and emerging markets sectors.  Kapital is written in VisualWorks and GemStone.  This role is based in Glasgow but works with a distributed team in various timezones, building new functions and supporting front and middle office (includes a production support rota).

They are prepared to train in Smalltalk and in the financial domain provided the candidate is competent in OO and eager to learn.


Smalltalk Financial Developer, Glasgow, U.K.

JPM’s Kapital project seek a financial developer to support the emerging markets sector.¬† Kapital is written in VisualWorks and GemStone.¬† This role is based in Glasgow but works with a distributed team in various timezones (and includes a production support rota).¬† They are prepared to train in Smalltalk and in the financial domain provided the candidate is competent in OO and eager to learn.

Smalltalk Developer, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany or Switzerland

Cincom’s ChannelStream project is looking for a developer.¬† ChannelStream uses VisualWorks and Seaside.¬† The candidate can be based in the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany or Switzerland (and must obviously be OK with some travel and some remote working, screen-sharing and etc.).¬† Strong Smalltalk development skills are wanted.¬† The role includes occasional work onsite with customers.