Smalltalk Jobs – 6/2/19

  • Miami, FLSmalltalk Developer through Kforce
    • Required Skills:
      • Smalltalk
    • Wanted Skills:
      • Relevant education and/or training will be considered a plus
      • Some Java and C++ makes it quicker to learn Small Talk
  • Guadalajara, MexicoApplication Developer at IBM
    • Required Skills:
      • Any experience in an OO language like C++/Eiffel/Java/etc.
      • Candidate should also be willing to learn and work on Smalltalk as his day to day job, and then learn new technologies such as Javascript/Angular/Node JS for future new development.
      • Fluent English.
      • Candidate should be able to work in USA business hours.
    • Wanted Skills:
      • Smalltalk
Good luck with your job hunting,
James T. Savidge

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