Smalltalk Jobs – 9/23/18

  • St. Petersburg, FLSoftware/Controls Engineer II at Plasma-Therm LLC
    • Required Skills:
      • B.S. in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
      • Five to ten years software engineering experience.
      • C# or SmallTalk programming capabilities.
      • Graphical User Interface design/development (ease of use, ergonomics, etc.)
      • Model, View, Controller (MVC) software architectures
      • Understanding of development of multi-threaded applications
      • Controls and automation systems development
      • Distributed computing environment application development
      • Client/server programming concepts
      • Database implementation and usage concepts
      • Software engineering (all phases of software lifecycle)
      • Agile development model/environment
      • Networked Application development
      • Object Oriented application design and development
      • Reading/writing software requirements/specifications
      • Embedded control for automation and robotics
      • Knowledge of SCADA Systems
      • Software Development for Semiconductor Processing Equipment and SECS standards
      • Supporting end users (both capturing feature requests, as well as fixing deficiencies)
      • Supporting software for manufactured equipment
    • Wanted Skills:
      • Controls/Automation experience
  • Richland, WA – Engineer I – BWR Neutronics Reload Design & Analysis – May 2019-NUC00830 through AREVA Front End Business Group
    • Required Skills:
      • Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering or comparable field completed by start date. Candidates with an advanced degree and/or experience may be considered for a higher level position. (Please attach a copy of your academic transcript when applying to this position)
      • Previous Framatome intern or co-op experience
      • Basic experience and capabilities with MICROSOFT Office software products (WORD, EXCEL, etc.)
      • LINUX and/or UNIX
    • Wanted Skills:
      • Advanced degree (MS or PhD) is a plus but not a strict requirement.
      • Experience withBWR nuclear fuel neutronics analysis spectral/lattice codes (CASMO-3, CASMO-4, etc) and core simulator codes (SIMULATE, MICROBURN-B2, etc)
      • French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and/or German language skills.
      • Experience with Lean Six Sigma product/process development in design and engineering
      • A wide range of other skills related to the position, including Smalltalk

Updates on 10/6/18: Updated an expired listing for the position in St. Petersburg, FL.

Updates on 6/23/19: The position in Richland, WA has been filled or is no longer available.

Good luck with your job hunting,
James T. Savidge

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