Reducing the friction when upgrading: Change Type Filtering for the Package Comparison Tool

Many of you that follow this blog are, or will be involved in projects that require upgrading applications from one version of Smalltalk to a newer one. Those upgrades can often be difficult, particularly when there are multiple versions being skipped.

As part of the Support team at Cincom®, I and my teammates are often called on by our customers to be the “first responders” when large obstacles get in the way during an upgrade.

Based on feedback from our customer’s experiences, I have created enhancements to the Package Comparison tool that I hope will reduce some of the friction involved in upgrading VisualWorks® and ObjectStudio® applications. Please follow the links below for full details about this new Contributed Pacakge.

Introducing Change Type Filtering for the Package Comparison Tool

When loaded, this package adds three Checkboxes to the Package Comparison Tool that allow the user to control what types of comparisons are to be shown or hidden. It is designed to work with ObjectStudio 8.4 or Cincom VisualWorks 7.9 and above. When any of the new options are turned on (checked), the comparison view will be updated so that those types of comparisons are no longer shown. The hidden comparisons can be shown again by turning off any of the options (unchecking a checked option).

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