Application Developer, Glasgow, U.K.

The Kapital project seeks a developer to extend existing utilities and build new ones, and to support users (role includes being on a production support rota).  Kapital is a pricing engine, implemented in VisualWorks and GemStone.

They want candidates who are experienced in OO (in Smalltalk ideally, but they will accept experience in Java, C++, Python, etc.), have good communication skills and are self-motivated.

2 thoughts on “Application Developer, Glasgow, U.K.

    • Following the link, it looks like that position was filled or is no longer available. Not surprising considering that the position was listed more than a year ago.

      However, JP has Kapital teams that span the globe, including teams in New York, NY, USA:

      Sadly, because of all the security requirements on the data they work with, I don’t think any of their positions can be done remotely. If you are willing, and can go into their NY offices daily, you might have chance of getting a position with them.

      Good luck.

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