Smalltalk Jobs – 9/15/15

  • Plano, TXSmalltalk Consultant through Xoriant Connect
    • Required Skills:
      • Bachelor degree in a CS discipline with 5+ years of relevant experience
      • Proficiency in Smalltalk
      • Config. management (ENVY)
      • Gemstone database (for S/w development)
      • DBA knowledge on gemstone to support
      • Object oriented design
      • UNIX, shell scripting (KSH)
    • Pay: $55/hr on c2c (from one of the listings), Other listings say Market Rate, or other words like Negotiable.
    • Additional listings: Silverlink Technologies, Vedainfo, Enterprise Infionics, Burgeon IT Services, Focuz Mindz, SoftHQ, COMPNOVA
  • Juno Beach, FL – Smalltalk Developer/Lead through Silverlinc
    • Required Skills:
      • Senior Smalltalk developer (over 8 years’ experience)
      • Expertise on FPL CRM (CALLS)
      • Knowledge of Avaya IC Agent desktop application
      • Knowledge of integration with CALLS CRM and CALLS CTI (Avaya IC Agent)
      • Expertise on XMPP and BOSH communication protocol development
      • Knowledge of Cisco Finesse desktop application
      • Knowledge of Cisco UCCE
      • Delivering aggressive project timeline
      • Ability to manage complex requirements in a fast paced environment
      • Experience in working with Contact Center projects

Updates on 9/26/15, 11/17/15: Marked out listings for the position in Plano, TX.

Updates on 9/26/15: Added listings for the position in Plano, TX.

Updates on 11/17/15: Updated an expired listing for the position in Plano, TX.

Updates on 9/26/15: The position in Juno Beach, FL has been filled or is no longer available.

Good luck with your job hunting,
James T. Savidge

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