Smalltalk Jobs – 8/18/14

  • Alpharetta, GA (near Atlanta, GA) – VisualAge Smalltalk 6 Developer at OpenSpan
      Stephen Beckett, the Chief Scientist, (and the primary contact for this position,) at OpenSpan describes what they are doing in the following way:

      “…Our product injects software into target apps, figures out their object hierarchies, and presents a visual model to users in our IDE. Customers can then build automations between multiple apps on their desktop, such as when a button is pressed in the Smalltalk app, read these data fields and automatically push them into a webpage (or whatever). In a call center environment where Agents to many identical repetitive tasks across a large number of applications, we can take minutes off their calls while dramatically improving accuracy.

      Our challenge is we don’t know Smalltalk at all, and while we have reverse engineered many elements of the Virtual Machine and relating window handles to internal objects and can create the hierarchy of objects, we have not figured out how to handle events. We can’t find any single point to hook, and we have not been able to inject a Smalltalk object that could subscribe to an event. (In Java and .Net, we use our injection to hook in Java/.Net controls that then interact with their respective platforms, which is far easier than using hooks or cracking windows messages.)

      So I’ve using the following, but not necessarily with a lot of luck”:

    • SmallTalk internals (have not found anyone who has done anything with SmallTalk internals – doesn’t seem like a popular domain, compared to Java or .Net)
    • Experience with VM Api
    • Use of Primitive Feature to call code outside of the SmallTalk environment
    • Loading our own “IC” (Image Component) into a target application and having it communicate with the app using SmallTalk
      • Our injection gets us into Smalltalk right after NtDll is loaded, before anything else
      • When we called “LoadFileComponent” to try to load our SmallTalk component, it has failed every time.
    • Additional listings: Staffing Technologies, Pscs-us, Royak Group
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2 thoughts on “Smalltalk Jobs – 8/18/14

  1. If I go to the URLs linked to in the “Additional listings” section, they sill appear to be up, so the position is most likely still open, but for confirmation I would suggest contacting Stephen Beckett directly via the email address linked to his name in the above listing.

    Good Luck!

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