Senior Developer in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Job Title

Senior Software Developer

Reports to

Chief Technical Officer

Salary Range


Closing Date for Applications

August 21, 2014

Submission Information

Bruce Kowbel, COO,



Position Summary

Based in SageTea’s Ottawa office and reporting to the Chief Technical Officer, the Senior Software Developer will become part of a team developing a tool that redefines how software is created.

  • Develop and augment software features
  • Create object-oriented software features as defined by the Chief Technical Officer
  • Document all work and design notes
  • Demonstrate new features internally and externally
  • Test all features to verify they comply with the design
  • Guide junior developers
  • Manage implementation of client application(s)
  • Follow standard coding conventions
  • Read, write and understand functional and technical documents
  • Report on current progress and meet deadlines
  • Identify technical deficiencies in design
  • Multitask to handle several priorities
  • Coordinate daily with COO to ensure close coordination between business requirements/client applications and CTO branch work
Skills and Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 4 years related experience
  • Strong object-oriented development background
  • Knowledge of Smalltalk is an asset
  • Excellent communication skills in English (both written and verbal)
  • Canadian Citizen (for security requirements)

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