Smalltalk Jobs – 7/14/13

  • New York, NY – CIB Tech – Kapital Infra/L2 Support Analyst Lead – Associate at J.P. Morgan
    • Required Skills:
      • 3-5 Years System Admin experience
      • Linux System Administration
      • Solid understanding of a UNIX-based operating system; understand paging and swapping, inter-process communication, devices and what device drivers do, filesystem concepts (inode, RAID, logical volume management).
      • Network storage solutions ( SAN, Fiber Channel).
      • Database installations under Unix
      • Unix operating system administration
      • Experience debugging/resolving realtime Production issues.
      • Proficiency in host security (e.g. passwords, uids/gids, file permissions, ACLs, filesystem integrity, use of security packages).
      • Shell scripting, awk
      • Experience with complex TCP/IP networks (containing routers, switches, VLANs).
      • Financial application support
      • Network security (e.g., configuring firewalls, deploying authentication systems, applying cryptography to network applications, intrusion detection, log collection and analysis).
      • Familiarity with fundamental networking/distributed computing environment concepts; can configure NFS, LDAP, ActiveDirectory domains, DNS, and DHCP; understands basic routing concepts
      • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
      • Production support experience at a site with a 100% uptime requirement where call tracking/management is leveraged
    • Wanted Skills:
      • Citrix Administration experience
      • Samba Administration experience
      • Ability to write scripts in some other languages (e.g, Tk, Perl, Python).
      • Experience with virtualization (e.g., Xen, VMware)
      • GemStone DBA familiarity
      • SmallTalk

Updates on 112/7/13: The position been filled or is no longer available.

Good luck with your job hunting,
James T. Savidge

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