Smalltalk Jobs – 3/17/13

  • Sunnyvale, CA – Smalltalk Developer through Mindteck
    • Required Skills:
      • MBE in Comp Sc/Electrical/Electronics/ Instrumentation
      • Experience working in teams of at least 5 engineers for at least 1 year
      • Smalltalk programming language experience on ControlWorks platform
      • Experience in control systems/real time software development
      • Experience in product development and maintenance
      • Exposure in semiconductor domain development
      • Good testing and debugging skills
      • Familiarity with Clearcase or any other configuration management tools.
      • Multithreaded programming experience in C/C++ Core Java development , or C# .NET experience
      • Knowledge of RTOS
      • Should be very strong in communication skills.
    • Additional listings: Mindteck, Mindteck, ISL Techsolutions, OneAPPS, ISL Techsolutions, ISL Techsolutions, ISL Techsolutions

Updates on 3/18/13, 3/22/13, 4/3/13: Added listings for the position.

Updates on 3/22/13, 4/3/13: Marked out a listings for the position.

Good luck with your job hunting,
James T. Savidge
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