Pharo VM Engineer – Within Two Years of Graduation

[JOB] Young VM Engineer

Inria RMoD is looking for a full-time young engineer for helping with
developing our research infrastructure. Young engineer means
someone who finished with a degree (Master or Engineer) not longer
than 2 years ago. Duration of the position is 2 years.

The engineer position is focussed on virtual machine related work. As researchers, we need a system to explore new ideas with. The job of the engineer is to help us by improving the infrastructure we use for our daily work.

What this of course means is that it’s kind of a cool job: work in a research lab, but no paper writing, no teaching, no administration.

In addition:

– live in France (one hour from Paris, 1h20 from London,
35 min from Brussels)
– try a lot of good beers (our office is just 10km from the
border to Belgium)
– Smalltalk! (in the form of Pharo)

For more information, see the original call.


posted by Bruce O’Neel

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