UK Smalltalk Contract

United Kingdom, Liverpool – Smalltalk Developer

A 3-month+ contract in VisualAge Smalltalk is being offered for immediate start in Liverpool, England.  They would like 5 years experience of Smalltalk, some of it in VisualAge Smalltalk, plus SQL Server and DB2 experience and general OO skills.  The cwjobs and twitjobs links point to the same recruiter.

I know that Royal Sun Alliance ran an insurance system in Liverpool on VisualAge Smalltalk.  The add’s reference to IBM VisualAge Smaltalk rather than Instantiations VASmalltalk suggests a system that has not been upgraded to the latest release (maybe the contract will or can do?).

This job appeared in listings on February 7th, 2012 and was readvertised (by the same recruiter, unchanged) a week later, suggesting they are keen and still looking.

posted by Niall Ross

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