Smalltalk Jobs 09/4/11

  • St Petersburg, FL – Software Developer at Plasma-Therm
    • Required Skills:
      • SmallTalk programming capabilities.
      • Graphical User Interface design/development (ease of use, ergonomics, etc.)
      • Model, View, Controller (MVC) software architectures
      • Understanding of development of multi-threaded applications
      • Controls and automation systems development
      • Distributed computing environment application development
      • Client/server programming concepts
      • Database implementation and usage concepts
      • Software engineering (all phases of software lifecycle)
      • Agile development model/environment
      • Networked Application development
      • Object Oriented application design and development
      • Reading/writing software requirements/specifications
      • Embedded control for automation and robotics
      • Knowledge of SCADA Systems
      • Software Development for Semiconductor Processing Equipment and SECS standards
      • Supporting end users (both capturing feature requests, as well as fixing deficiencies)
      • Supporting software for manufactured equipment
    • Pay: $60,000 per year
  • Chattanooga, TN – Programmer Analyst at Tennessee Valley Authority
    • Required Skills:
      • SmallTalk
      • Oracle
      • DB/2
      • Windows 95/NT
      • UNIX
    • Wanted Skills:
      • Visual Basic
      • WebObjects
      • C/C++
      • JAVA
      • HTML
      • PERL
      • PL/SQ
      • FrontPage
  • Malta, NY – Sr. Software Engineer through The Superior Group
    • Required Skills:
      • 3-years experience as an EI engineer
      • Automating semiconductor manufacturing equipment
      • Unix or Linux
      • Smalltalk
      • SEMI software standards
      • Operational models and state diagrams
    • Wanted Skills:
      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
      • MQ
      • XML
      • Corba
      • Experience developing and supporting software solutions in support of mission-critical systems in a 24X7 operational environment
      • Experience in a 300mm wafer fab
      • Foundry experience
    • Also Listed By: Walrath Recruiting
    Bangalore, India – Engineer at Honeywell

    • Required Skills:
      • University degree in Engineering (Electronics or Instrumentation or Computer Science)
      • Smalltalk
      • Excellent communication skills.
    • Wanted Skills:
      • Honeywell DCS or competitor’s DCS

Updates on 9/8/11: Marked out an expired version of the job posting in Chattanooga, TN.

Updates on 9/8/11: Added a version of the job posting in Malta, NY.

Updates on 9/8/11: Marked out and expired version of the job posting in Bangalore, India.

Updates on 9/16/11: Removed a version of the job posting in Malta, NY.

Updates on 10/1/11: Updated an expired version of the job posting in St Petersburg, FL.

Updates on 10/1/11: Marked out the job posting in Los Angeles CA<..

Updates on 10/1/11: The positions in St Petersburg, FL, and Malta, NY have been filled, or are no longer available.

Good luck with your job hunting,
James T. Savidge

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